Study: Youth With Autism Gravitate Toward STEM Majors in College

College Students with Autism - STEM Majors

This is one autism-related study that doesn’t surprise me – my kids are definitely STEM-focused, even at their young ages. It’s a popularly held belief that individuals with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) gravitate toward STEM majors in college (science, technology, engineering mathematics). A new study, co-authored by Paul Shattuck, PhD, assistant professor at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, confirms that view yet finds that young adults with an ASD also have one of the lowest {Read More}

New Jersey High School Student Makes Winning Kick

Football Autism Kicker NJ High School

Kids with autism aren’t so different from those without autism. Sure, there are more challenges but as this young New Jersey man proves, when you make a winning kick in a high school football game you celebrate, regardless of your autism spectrum status. I have to admit I giggled with glee as he ran by all of the players and dodged the coaches that wanted to congratulate him. This young man just wanted to run and run he did! Photo: {Read More}

Teen With Autism Saves Choking Friend’s Life


This is a cool story, regardless of the diagnosis of the student. Mason Stokes, a 15-year old Indiana Boy Scout is on the autism spectrum and he recently saved a choking friend’s life during lunchtime in his high school cafeteria. I’ve seen cute t-shirts or other items about autism superpowers and Stokes describes his during an interview with “My particular autistic trait is that it allows me to remain cool under intense situations.” This is a fantastic trait to {Read More}

New Study Probes How Teens With High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders Approach Learning to Drive

Okay, I admit, the thought of my 10 year-old learning to drive one day scares me. Even if I take the fact that he has epilepsy out of the equation I’m still a bit freaked out. Thankfully I have several years left before this becomes a conversation in our household. If you’re closer to the magical driving age, though, check out this study from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. In the first study to investigate driving as it relates to {Read More}

Bully Proofing Strategies for Teens with Autism in Sherman Oaks, CA

Bully Proofing Strategies for Teens with Autism: Evidence-based Approaches for Handling Bullying and Other Peer Conflicts On Tuesday, May 24 at The Help Group in Sherman Oaks, CA, Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson, Director of The Help Group-UCLA Autism Research Alliance, will provide concrete tools to aid parents, educators, and mental health professionals in helping teens with Autism Spectrum Disorders effectively handle bullying and other forms of peer conflict. Please go to to register.

AZ ASSIST: Meeting for Teens on the Autism Spectrum

Anytime I can help promote an autism or Asperger’s Syndrome support group, I do it. Here is information about the next meeting of a support group in the metro-Phoenix, Arizona area. AZ ASSIST Autism Spectrum Support, Information & Strategies for Transition Parents, Teens, Young Adults Next Meeting: Monday September 20th 7-9pm 2150 East Southern Avenue, Tempe We have a new location with lots of space! Please join us at our SEPTEMBER MEETING on September 20, 2010 from 7-9pm at 2150 {Read More}