A Disability Pass Isn’t Worth The Disability

Southwest Airlines - Disabilities Preboarding

On Friday my husband and I surprised the kids with a day trip to Knott’s Berry Farm. My husband travels for work, so we put his frequent flyer miles to use and flew to California for the day. While picking up our pre-boarding pass at the Southwest Airlines gate in Phoenix, I noticed that the airline no longer uses the blue pre-boarding sleeve. The gate agent explained that people were selling the blue sleeves on eBay. How sad is that? {Read More}

Education and Autism: Finding the Right Program


School is out for summer and when the 2013-2014 school year starts I will have a 7th grader and a 4th grader. This is the first summer since first grade that I’m not questioning the school setting that my son will be in for the coming year. Yes, for the past six years I’ve struggled with finding the right program for my son. He has high-functioning autism, PDD-NOS or Asperger’s depending on the clinician you talk to. To make it {Read More}

Autism, Sleep, Melatonin and Clonidine – Oh My!


Over the past 6 ½ years I’ve talked to hundreds of other parents of children on the autism spectrum and one of the challenges that we all seem to have in common is sleep. Or, as Kristy Speer said in a guest post from January, ‘Autism and Sleep (or Rather the Lack Thereof).’ Yes, the lack thereof is the kicker. My two children went from sleeping through the night at a few months of age to barely sleeping at a {Read More}

Autism, Epilepsy, Medications and a Sleepover


My son has been invited to his very first non-family sleepover. At age 11, many kids have already had sleepovers with their friends but my son has only stayed the night at my sister’s house and has only had his 12 year-old cousin stay the night at our house. This Saturday, he will be staying the night at a friend’s house with a few classmates. While this may seem like a non-issue to most families, when you are dealing with {Read More}

Wear Purple on Saturday for Epilepsy Awareness


Although this site is dedicated to all things autism, epilepsy occurs in 10-30% of individuals with autism – my son is one of these children. He has been diagnosed with complex partial seizures and thanks to medicine, he only has a few seizures a year. While families of individuals with autism are gearing up for National Autism Awareness Month in April, I’d like to ask you to wear purple on this Saturday, March 26th to raise awareness about epilepsy.

Blood Tests with an Aspie Child


My son has Asperger’s Syndrome and epilepsy so he needs to get regular blood tests to check his medication levels and liver function. Over the years, I’ve dreaded the blood tests almost as much as he has. However, the past month or so, something has changed. Here’s a brief history of how blood tests with my Aspie child have gone. The first blood test went well – he had no clue what to expect, but this was before his epilepsy {Read More}