History of Autism in the United States Infographic

Did you know that autism wasn’t a distinct diagnostic category until the DSM-III? Did you know that autism is almost 5 times more common among boys than girls? These facts and more from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control are presented in the ‘History of Autism in the United States’ infographic, which was custom made for The Autism Education Site. Click on the image above for a full-screen view of the History of Autism in the United States infographic. You {Read More}

Brains Differ Between Children With Autism and Asperger’s

brain scan mri

Just as the DSM-V merges autism and Asperger’s Syndrome into one diagnostic category, new research has emerged that shows these two conditions might be biologically different. Surprise! I came across an interesting article on LiveScience.com about a new study that looks at the differences in the brains of children with autism and those with Asperger’s Syndrome: “The results suggest the conditions are related, but there are physiological differences in brain connectivity that distinguish children with Asperger’s from those with autism, {Read More}

Watch: Federal Response to Rise in Autism Rates

This nearly four-hour program is the C-SPAN video of the government oversight committee on the rise in autism rates in the nation. This meeting was held just days before the American Psychological Association approved the DSM-5, which changes criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorders and eliminates PDD-NOS and Asperger’s Disorder as distinct diagnosable conditions. Homepage Thumbnail Photo: jasoneppink/Flickr

Sensory Processing Disorder Not Slated for Inclusion in the DSM-5 – ACT NOW

Although children with autism typically have sensory processing issues, not all children with sensory processing disorder (SPD) are on the autism spectrum. Much work has been done to have SPD included as a separate condition in the upcoming DSM revision, the DSM-5 but as it stands right now, SPD will not be included. The following email was sent to me and I’m passing it on to all of you. We need to take action to have SPD included in the {Read More}

Watch: Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh on the New Autism DX Guidelines

Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) shares her thoughts on the new autism diagnosis guidelines scheduled for publication in the DSM-5 (May 2013). Instead of having three separate autism diagnoses, there will now be an overarching autism spectrum diagnosis with levels of severity. This controversial change may leave some more mildly-affected individuals without an official diagnosis will providing access to services for others that were limited by a PDD-NOS or Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis. Learn {Read More}

History of Autism in the DSM: DSM-I to DSM-IV

Update August 2013: I’ve turned this data into the History of Autism in the United States Infographic – check it out! With professionals around the world debating how autism spectrum disorders will be listed in the DSM-V, now is a good time to look back at the history of autism in the DSM, starting with the DSM-I and ending with the DSM-IV. The Diagnostics and Statistics Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is the standard by which autism spectrum disorders are {Read More}