Geneticist Wendy Chung’s TED Talk About Autism [Video]


I love watching TED talks because you never know what you’ll find. While browsing around the TED YouTube channel I came across geneticist Wendy Chung’s TED Talk about autism. Chung examines the idea that there are multiple causes for autism, and even dabbles in the controversial topic of vaccines and autism. That’s one debate I stay out of, but I still enjoyed the talk. I hope you do, too. Related: 10 Common Autism Myths 2009 National Vaccine Information Center Conference {Read More}

CHD8 Genetic Mutation Linked to Autism


The genetic side of autism fascinates me and so I’m always keeping an eye out for new research that shows a genetic link to the condition. Last week, a researcher at Seattle Children’s Hospital and Research Institute announced that a genetic mutation of CHD8 is linked to autism in some individuals. Dr. Raphael Bernier, clinical director of Seattle Children’s Autism Center and Associate Professor at the University of Washington, who led the research in collaboration with 13 institutions worldwide, has {Read More}

One Child With Autism Impacts Decision For More Children


New research shows a correlation between families that have a child with autism and the decision to not have more children. The study results, which were published in the most recent issue of JAMA Psychiatry, show that “Parents whose first child had autism were about one-third less likely to have a second child than parents in the control group, the study found, while parents who had a later-born child with autism were equally less likely to have more children.” (Source: {Read More}

Sleeping Challenges and Autism Go Hand in Hand

Ava fast asleep at the Disneyland Hotel - 2011.

Does your child with autism have trouble sleeping? Both of mine certainly do. Even though my youngest child’s autism symptoms are all subclinical, she still has trouble sleeping most nights. If you’re singing the same tune, then it may make you feel a bit better to know that we are not alone. According to Australia’s Learning Discoveries Psychological Services, “Researchers estimate that sleep disorders affect between 40% to 80% of children with ASD. The most common problems are difficulty falling {Read More}

Does Autism Lead to Differences in Parenting Styles?


I just read an interesting article based on new autism research out of Belgium and the Netherlands – Does Autism Make Moms Parent Differently? “A new study suggests that moms of kids with autism address their children’s behavior differently than parents of kids without the developmental disorder. Researchers found that mothers with children on the spectrum were less likely to set rules or use discipline, but more frequently imposed so-called positive parenting, encouraging good behavior rather than focusing on the {Read More}

Brains Differ Between Children With Autism and Asperger’s

brain scan mri

Just as the DSM-V merges autism and Asperger’s Syndrome into one diagnostic category, new research has emerged that shows these two conditions might be biologically different. Surprise! I came across an interesting article on about a new study that looks at the differences in the brains of children with autism and those with Asperger’s Syndrome: “The results suggest the conditions are related, but there are physiological differences in brain connectivity that distinguish children with Asperger’s from those with autism, {Read More}