Is Autism A Disability? [Video]


When I first launched The Autism Education Site, one of my goals was to present all different sides of the spectrum story. From those seeking a cure to autistic self-acceptance and pro-neurodiversity stances. Today, I’m sharing a video from the ‘Ask an Autistic’ series. This segment focuses on the question, “Is Autism A Disability?”

Autistic and Aging Out [Video]

Although my oldest is only 12, the future is always on my mind and I know I’m not alone. Lauren Betesh shares the story of Heidi Roger and her 18 year-old son, Andrew in this video. Families of children with autism face a tough road when the services of high school programs end at age 21, and parents are often compelled to take on even more care than ever. For Heidi Roger and her 18-year-old son Andrew, the prospect of {Read More}

Daryl Hannah Reveals Her Autism to Hollywood [Video]


Last week Actress Daryl Hannah announced that she was diagnosed with autism as a child. The announcement is published in the newest issue of People Magazine, but it quickly made a buzz in Hollywood-related news reports.

Self-Advocacy in SPD: Knowledge is Power


I have a digital subscription to Sensory Focus and while all of the information is great, one of the articles in the April 2013 issue caught my eye – Self-Advocacy in SPD: Knowledge is Power by Jennifer McIlwee Myers. I am a big proponent of self-advocacy and my children have been involved in their IEP meetings since they were old enough to understand and provide valuable input. In the article, Ms. Myers explains how her parents gave her two tools {Read More}

Auti-Sim – Autism Awareness or Degrading?


I came across an autism simulation game, Auti-Sim, created during a recent hackathon and decided to write about it for the Mother Nature Network. I don’t have autism but I do have auditory sensitivities and I found the game to be a good representation of what I feel like when I get overwhelmed with noises – minus the repetitive alphabet recitation. I think the game is a good tool for autism awareness but some folks think it is degrading to {Read More}

Kerry Magro on Organization, Autism Self Advocacy and More [Interview]


Kerry Magro dishes on organization, his start on the autism self-advocacy journey, high school advice and more in this interview, conducted via email by 11 year-old Alexander Ownby. Alex: When did you first learn about your diagnosis? Kerry: I learned first about my diagnosis when I was about 11-12 but wouldn’t really understand what autism meant in terms of my overall development till years later. I knew since I was 5 I was “Special” but didn’t know much more than {Read More}