maho_052014_smallMelissa is the mother of two children on the autism spectrum and originally founded The Autism Education Site to provide other parents with the latest in autism education news and to serve as a database for autism school resources across the country.

Since the site’s original launch in January 2008, it has both changed in design and in focus. Instead of only providing information about autism education topics and schools, the site has expanded to include details about autism summer camps, autism conferences, the latest news in autism research and much more. The site is now a one-stop shop for all things autism.

Melissa’s passion for autism came about after her youngest child was diagnosed with autistic disorder on the day before her third birthday. Since that day in November 2006, Melissa has made a point to learn about all aspects of autism spectrum disorders so that she can be a more comprehensive resource to her readers. From accepting autism via the neurodiversity movement to individuals searching for a cure, Melissa strives to bring all types of autism information to her readers.

If you are interested in advertising on the site, contributing a guest post to the blog or want to submit an autism school for inclusion in the database, please contact Melissa. If you know of a camp for children on the autism spectrum, please fill out the autism summer camp submission form.