Autism Trick-or-Treat Printable

Autism Trick or Treat Printable

Halloween is nearly upon us and that means that it is almost time for trick-or-treating. Trick-or-treating is hit or miss with most children on the autism spectrum, but there are several measures that we, as parents, can take to improve the chances of a successful Halloween. One of these is the use of an autism trick-or-treat printable. Over the years I’ve seen these name tag-sized printables floating around the Internet, but all of the ones I’ve seen were rather boring. So, I decided to create one of my own. You can print this on a name tag-sized label or send it off to your local office supply store and have it printed into a larger poster. The poster can then be mounted onto a paint stirrer and carried around as a sign (helpful if your sensory sensitive kiddo doesn’t like stickers!).

Click on the image below for a full-sized version, save the photo to your computer, use a graphic editing program to enter your child’s name (or write it by hand after you print it) and enjoy your Halloween trick-or-treating adventure!

Autism Trick or Treat Printable

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