Would You Use Marijuana as an Autism Treatment?

Would you use marijuana as an autism treatment? Medicinal marijuana has been used for a variety of autism symptoms – from stimulating a child’s appetite to managing violent outbursts. While some autism treatments are more controversial than others, the fact that marijuana is an illegal drug at the federal level makes this option one of the more controversial autism treatments out there.

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  1. I would definitely use marijuana if it would make my son talk, read , and write. But from what I have seen it makes most people slower to respond and makes the reflexes slower, so I probably would not like the results.

  2. christinesmom says:

    Yes, I would consider using it in a controlled and moderate way. So many drugs recommended for person’s with a disability of Autism have quite severe side effects. I have had negative experiences with several of them with my daughter. I am open to researching this option more.