First Day of School 2013-2014 School Year

First Day of School 2013-2014Today is the first day of school for the 2013 – 2014 school year. I dropped off my 7th and 4th grade students this morning and now I am wondering what to do in my eerily quiet house. After a short six-week summer break, filled with new puppy hijinks and a Yellowstone National Park road trip vacation, it is nice to get back into a normal routine.

As you are probably aware, children on the autism spectrum thrive with a structured routine. When the schedule is amiss, anxiety is heightened and meltdowns are more common. Of course, anxiety was high this morning because the first day of school is one of the biggest transitions that the kids deal with every year. While I rejoice at the thought of returning structure, I know that the next two weeks are going to be rough.

Difficulties with transition are another item that is common among children on the autism spectrum. Sure, there are probably many spectrum kiddos out there that don’t have transition challenges, but it is safe to say that many of our children have a difficult time transitioning. Whether it is transitioning from one activity to another during the day or from summer break to the start of a new school year, transitions always bring excitement in our house.

When do your children return to their studies?

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