Changes: More Storytelling

If you’ve followed The Autism Education Site for more than a year then you know that the primary focus of the site has been on autism education topics including autism schools, conferences and summer camps that cater to children on the autism spectrum. Over the past few months, though, the site has slowly started to change and so I wanted to share my vision with you.

First and foremost, the site will still be the go-to source for all of the autism education topics I mentioned above. I started creating lists of conferences and related topics because I couldn’t find a single site on the net that offered these resources. I’m not going to eliminate these features, I’m simply going to add to them.

I felt that the site was lacking something and that something is the personal touch. Sure, I’ve shared some personal stories from time to time but not often enough. The personal story, my autism journey and even parenting information in general, is what makes a blog memorable in my opinion.

This lack of storytelling is what prompted me to add a new writer to my team. Natalie brings a new voice to the site and I will be joining her in sharing personal stories. We are all on this journey together and I hope that you can learn from what Natalie and I share and I hope that you feel compelled to comment so that we can learn from you.

About Melissa

Melissa is the mother of two children on the autism spectrum and strives to provide information about all aspects of autism through her blog, The Autism Education Site. Follow Melissa on Twitter. Like me on Facebook.

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  1. Is there a away to retrieve some of your past posts? I’m specifically trying to locate the one that was on different types of medication and the author’s (Melissa or Natalie?) opinion regarding it’s use. Thank you for your help.