Autism Therapy Dog at Work in Arizona [Video]

If you’ve never seen an autism therapy dog at work, it is really an amazing thing to witness. This video just gives us a short glimpse into how a therapy dog can change a child’s life. Note: The video is over a year old, hence the outdated statistics.

Thumbnail Photo: rkleine/Flickr

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  1. I had the fabulous opportunity of working with an autistic child and his therapy dog. It was amazing. The dog was trained to break his hold if he started biting his hands or wrist, to take him down to the ground and lay over him if he became violent or extremely agitated, and to come whenever he got upset to help calm him. The best part was he was also trained to track him down if he ever ran off, and was tethered to him at school and in public to help his parents keep the child with them and safe. The parents, tutors and teachers were the dogs trainers and gave commands as needed, and the child was his job. It worked wonders. I would recommend it for any child who is older and still struggling, as the dog was a great help in preventing violent behavior and dealing with his size and other needs. I could not have been nearly as effective as a tutor without the therapy dog to assist in managing the behavior. I can provide more information about where this family had their dog trained etc. Just let me know. :)