AAPC Conference Strategies for Success: Context Blindness and Behavior in Chicago, Salt Lake City and Phoenix

The 2013 AAPC Spring Autism Conference, Strategies for Success: Context Blindness and Behavior, is an intensive, two day conference, featuring keynote addresses from two internationally-recognized experts in the field of autism spectrum disorders.

Conference Dates and Location:

  • Chicago, IL – May 14th & 15th at Wyndham Glenview Suites
  • Salt Lake City, UT – May 16th & 17th at University Guest House & Conference Center
  • Phoenix, AZ – May 20th & 21st at Hilton Garden Inn-Airport

Conference Topics & Speakers:

Day 1: Featuring Brenda Smith Myles, PhD – Topic: Understanding and Preventing Behavior Challenges for Individuals with ASD
Stress and anxiety are common in children and youth with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and is one of the most frequently observed symptoms in these individuals. The stress experienced by individuals with ASD may manifest itself in many ways, but it sometimes leads to meltdowns. This escalating sequence seems to follow a three-stage cycle: (a) rumbling, (b) rage, and (c) recovery. This sequence can be problematic as many children and youth with ASD often endure the cycle unaware that they are under stress. Because of the combination of innate stress and anxiety and the difficulty that children and youth with ASD have in understanding how they feel, it is important that those who work and live with them understand the cycle of tantrums, rage, and meltdowns as well as interventions that can be used during this cycle. This session will review the cycle of meltdowns, interventions that can be used during the cycle, and ways to prevent its occurrence. In addition, this session will introduce an easy-to-use model that will ensure that individuals with ASD have supports and instruction built into their programs so that they can learn to regulate their behavior and have enhanced access to the core curriculum, general education, and the community.

Day 2: Featuring Peter Vermeulen, PhD – Topic: Autism as Context Blindness
Dr. Vermeulen will discuss how difficulty seeing and understanding context can explain why people with ASD have difficulty with communication, social interaction, flexible thinking and behavior in daily living. Using countless everyday anecdotes and examples, from both children and adults of all levels of functioning, you will learn how the idea of autism as context blindness can help us to find the most effective strategies of support for people with ASD and, in general, create a more autism-friendly society.

Contact Phone Number: (913) 232-4507
Contact Email Address: steph.hatfield@aapcpublishing.net
Conference Website: http://www.aapcpublishing.net/conferences

If you can’t attend one of these conferences, find a 2013 autism conference in your area!

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