Auti-Sim – Autism Awareness or Degrading?

I came across an autism simulation game, Auti-Sim, created during a recent hackathon and decided to write about it for the Mother Nature Network. I don’t have autism but I do have auditory sensitivities and I found the game to be a good representation of what I feel like when I get overwhelmed with noises – minus the repetitive alphabet recitation. I think the game is a good tool for autism awareness but some folks think it is degrading to autistic individuals.

“I am Autistic and I think this is a terrible stereotyping. Since when did we have voices knocking in our heads like that? It has nothing to do with loud noises but with picking up very quiet noises very well and not sifting them in to the background.”

Head on over to the Mother Nature Network and read my story, Indie game developer creates autism sim game, and let me know what you think. Please note that if I receive enough response I will be using your input and your first name in a follow-up post. If you’d like to comment on my blog but prefer that I not use your comment in a post on MNN, please let me know in your comment.


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