NoNetz: The Alex Line Coming Soon

After I interviewed my son about his new NoNetz anti-chafe swimwear, which is perfect for boys on the autism spectrum, the team at NoNetz went back to the design board and made a few changes. The new suit is going to be even better for those of us with sensory sensitive boys and as a thank you to my son for his feedback, NoNetz is naming the new line after him: The Alex.

As you know I love the suit, and so does my son, but the story behind the company is truly inspirational. I decided to showcase the company in an article I wrote for the Mother Nature Network – NoNetz:An inspiring swimwear startup.

Here’s a snippet from the piece:

All three of the Little sisters are beach lovers and have seen spouses and sons deal with uncomfortable chafing from the nets in their swimwear. Uncomfortable boys weren’t what got the business started, though. Unfortunately, the event that set the Little sisters onto the new business startup path was more serious; Sue was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and experienced loss on multiple levels. Sue lost her health, she lost her job, she lost her marriage and is losing her house.

Big sister Patti and little sister Kym pooled their savings together and NoNetz launched. Starting a new small business is never easy but when you’re in New York and your sewing facility is in Brooklyn, a little storm named Sandy makes your launch even more difficult.

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