Brain Ultrasound Reveals Autism Risk at Birth


More interesting autism research news this week, this time from Michigan State University. Researchers discovered that a brain ultrasound performed at birth can reveal a condition that is tied with an increased risk of autism. If the ultrasound reveals enlarged ventricles, which are cavities in the brain that store spinal fluid, then the child may have a greater risk for developing autism. Tammy Movsas (pictured to the right), a clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at MSU, was the lead study {Read More}

New 2013 Autism Summer Camps Added

I’ve just added three new autism summer camps to my directory. If you know of a 2013 autism summer camp in your area, please send me the information so that I can get it added to the list. Thanks! ~ Melissa ~ Summer Camp with High Hopes – Elberta, Alabama Summer Camp with High Hopes is a social camp for children on the Autism Spectrum and their peers ages 5 – 10. Camp Callahan – Quincy, Illinois Camp Callahan, Incorporated, {Read More}

Kerry Magro on Organization, Autism Self Advocacy and More [Interview]


Kerry Magro dishes on organization, his start on the autism self-advocacy journey, high school advice and more in this interview, conducted via email by 11 year-old Alexander Ownby. Alex: When did you first learn about your diagnosis? Kerry: I learned first about my diagnosis when I was about 11-12 but wouldn’t really understand what autism meant in terms of my overall development till years later. I knew since I was 5 I was “Special” but didn’t know much more than {Read More}

Fragile X Syndrome Turns Brain Cells Into Chatterboxes [Study]


A team of researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine have discovered that Fragile X Syndrome turns some brain cells into chatterboxes. Fragile X is the most common genetic cause of cognitive disability and autism. The extra talk may make it harder for brain cells to identify and attend to important signals, potentially establishing an intriguing parallel at the cellular level to the attention problems seen in autism. According to the researchers, understanding the effects of this altered signaling {Read More}

2013 Autism Summer Camps


Summer is just a few months away and now is the time to start applying for summer camps. There are dozens of autism summer camps planned across the nation and I will be keeping this page updated as I receive word of new camps. ALABAMA Summer Camp with High Hopes – Elberta, Alabama Summer Camp with High Hopes is a social camp for children on the Autism Spectrum and their peers ages 5 – 10. ILLINOIS Camp Callahan – Quincy, {Read More}

$2.125 million grant for autism stem cell research in NJ


A research team at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and the New Jersey Autism Center of Excellence has just received a $2.125 million grant for autism stem cell research. The social symbol for autism awareness, a ribbon of brightly-colored puzzle pieces, reflects the complexity of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). A new five-year $2.125 million grant from the New Jersey Governor’s Council for Medical Research and Treatment of Autism will fund research of induced pluripotent stem cells that may be used {Read More}