Disneyland and Autism – No Guest Assistance Card

The kids had a “small” Christmas this year – fewer gifts were under the tree but they weren’t bothered by it. What they didn’t know is that my husband and I had a surprise trip to Disneyland planned for the following day. After the kids went to sleep on Christmas night, we set about packing their bags and the car for the early morning surprise trip. It was our first trip to Disneyland without a Guest Assistance Card and it was a success! I blogged about the trip on the Mother Nature Network: Disneyland and autism.

The Disney Guest Assistance Card (GAC) can be used for a variety of reasons but it is particularly helpful for families that have children on the autism spectrum. In the past, the GAC allowed us to use the stroller as if it were a wheelchair. In other words, the kids wouldn’t have to get out of the stroller until it was time to board a ride. Sometimes this meant that we used the wheelchair entrance to a ride and other times it meant that we took the stroller with us through the main line.

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