Product Review: NoNetz Anti-Chafe Swimwear

I know what you’re thinking, a swimwear review on an autism blog? Trust me, this is the perfect place for a review of NoNetz, a company that makes anti-chafe swimwear for boys and men. Think about the netting in a pair of swim trunks, it is often uncomfortable at best. Now think about how many of our children on the autism spectrum have tactile sensitivities. Yes, an autism blog is the perfect place for a NoNetz product review.

NoNetz Anti-Chafe Swimwear“We design anti-chafe swim wear for guys. We want these bathing suits to be as comfortable as your favorite jeans, so we’ve replaced that itchy mesh/net brief with an anti-chafe leg liner. Way more comfortable than a jammer. Much nicer than cutting out that net and wearing your boxers.” Source:

As you can see, the products aren’t designed specifically for individuals with autism or sensory sensitivities but the design lends themselves as the perfect solution for our kids that don’t like traditional swim trunks.

NoNetz was gracious enough to offer my son, who is quickly advancing through his swim stroke lessons, a pair of NoNetz to try out. My son doesn’t like the feel of the nets in his trunks nor does he like the sound that his trunks make while walking. These two problems are solved with the NoNetz design; the trunks are made of microfiber instead of nylon. This makes for a quieter swimsuit.

After his first swim lesson in the NoNetz, he told me “They’re awesome!” After his second lesson in the suit I officially interview him.

Mom: Sum up your thoughts about NoNetz in one word.
Alex: Epic

Why did you like the swim trunks?
Alex: They didn’t have nets. Nets are weird because they stick and decrease speed in water, which really drags you behind when you’re in the pool swimming. Nets feel very uncomfortable and you have to adjust them in the middle of swimming, which slows you down even more.

Would you recommend NoNetz for other kids with sensory issues?
Alex: I totally would recommend these for other kids because they are very comfortable.

Final Thoughts: As a mom of a child with sensory needs that loves the water, I can’t explain how excited I was to not only see that this product exists but to give it a try. I know that come summertime he will wear these out and I guarantee you that I will gladly purchase him another pair. Thank you to the team at NoNetz for creating an ingenious product.

Note: NoNetz provided me with a complementary suit for product review. However, all opinions expressed are genuine and the promotional item did not influence these opinions.

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