I Ran Into Ava’s Preschool Teacher Today

While shopping at Home Depot yesterday I saw a very familiar face; Miss Karen, Ava’s preschool teacher, was walking down the aisle towards me. Ava was in preschool for three years and Miss Karen was a wonderful influence in her life and so there was no way I could let her pass me by.

She recognized me and remembered Ava and even asked about her dancing. I was able to show Miss Karen Ava’s pictures in her small soldier costume from The Nutcracker as well as a few recent school day type of pictures. She was surprised at how grown up Ava looked even though she’s only in 3rd grade.

However, when looking back at Ava’s preschool pictures I can definitely see why she was surprised. Ava was only two years old when she started preschool (two months shy of her third birthday) and boy has she changed over the last six years!

I took the time to thank Miss Karen for being there for Ava and that I was certain that her early positive preschool experience not only set the tone for her love of school but also helped her grow, developmentally, by leaps and bounds.

Left: Ava in 2007 on the first day of her second year of preschool.
Right: Ava in 2012 on the day of her first Nutcracker performance.

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