Vote: Miss Montana, an Individual with Autism, for Miss America Finals

As a freelance writer I receive dozens of news releases on dozens of topics daily. When I opened this one message I first though “What does the Miss America contest have to do with anything I write about?” Then I read further and discovered that this was the perfect release for me.

Miss Montana Alexis Wineman is an individual with autism and only the third person in the history of the Miss America competition that has a disability (using the word used in the release). Evidently this year the Miss America pageant is holding a competition and the contestant with the most votes will automatically become a finalist.

And this is where you come in….

Log on to the Miss America website and vote for Miss Montana Alexis Wineman as the America’s Choice contestant then spread the word. (Note: You will have to scroll down to find Miss Montana – her video is embedded here.)

Photo: Jim, the Photographer/Flickr

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