Six Years Ago My Daughter was Diagnosed with Autism

Every year on November 20 I reflect on my daughter’s autism diagnosis on November 20, 2006, the day before her third birthday. This year, I decided to share my reflection with the readers of the Mother Nature Network. Here is an excerpt from this year’s reflection:

Six years ago was ‘autism D-day’

On Nov. 21, 2003 my daughter, Ava, was born. Nearly three years later, on Nov. 20, 2006, she was diagnosed with autism. Hearing those words, “your daughter has autism,” created conflicting feelings within me; I was relieved because I knew something was different and now I could plan a course of action. On the other hand, I was absolutely frightened — what would her future hold?

Every year as her birthday rolls around, I think back to what I’ve dubbed “autism D-day” — in this case the “D” stands for diagnosis. Just like the day of her birth, autism D-day has had a profound effect on our family.

Photo: Zachery Testa/ZTesta Photography

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