Another Successful IEP Meeting Under My Belt

This morning I had another successful IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meeting, this time for my 6th grade son. I know that I am lucky to have had so many positive meetings, for both of my children, and haven’t had to fight for the accommodations and services that I feel would most benefit my children. Although I’ve had it easy, I always get nervous before heading into a meeting.

This morning’s meeting was our annual IEP review meeting. We still had about a month left but my son has been having some organizational challenges that I wanted to address and so our special education coordinator called the meeting early.

This was our largest meeting to date. Since my son is now in a middle school program, he had six teachers attending instead of just two (main classroom teacher and resource teacher). They all had very positive feedback for Alex from both behavioral and academic perspectives and of course I was proud of him. A few of the teachers voiced organizational concerns and since organization was the entire purpose of the early meeting, no one was surprised.

Everyone quickly settled on a new accommodation – an agenda check at the end of each class period. If there is homework for that night, Alex is to write it in his agenda and his teacher will quickly initial his agenda at the end of class. This was an accommodation we used in 5th grade but thought we’d try to survive without it this year.

Everything went really well the first quarter, he earned four As and three Bs and this is an accelerated academic program so we were more than pleased. However, after returning to school from the fall break, everyone seemed to get a little complacent and so homework assignments started to go unfinished or missing.

This wasn’t entirely Alex’s fault, though, but thankfully he did take responsibility for his part in the issue. I’ve also accepted fault for not being as diligent in searching through his folders for assignments. Organization is definitely a family project!

We’re all back on track now and so I expect that his mid-quarter grades will come up to the As and Bs that he had in the first quarter. Once again, I left an IEP meeting with a smile on my face and confidence that my child’s educational needs are being met.

Do you have a good IEP meeting story you’d like to share? If so, leave a note in the comments below. Thanks!

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