Off Topic: Monsoon Photo Contest Submission by My 14 Year-Old Nephew

Allow me to veer off topic for a minute. My 14 year-old nephew is an amazing cousin to my two children – he’s patient with them, understands their quirks and loves them unconditionally. Many times my son, nephew and myself will head out for some photographic fun and I quickly discovered that my nephew is amazingly talented. Okay, okay I know that I’m a bit biased since he is my nephew but honestly, for a teen with absolutely no photographic training his work is amazing.

He has entered a storm photo into a Facebook contest for monsoon photos here in Arizona. The photo with the most Likes on Friday will win the contest and so I wanted to spread the word. If you’re on Facebook I’d appreciate a little Like love! :)

Here’s the link: My Nephew’s Arizona Storm Photo

Photo: owenwbrown/Flickr

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