Jenny McCarthy, Victim Mentality and Apologies

At the AutismOne conference in May, Jenny McCarthy called out autism moms that constantly play the victim role. In her statement she derided those moms that get home-cooked meals from their neighbors because their child is on the autism spectrum. Is this playing the victim role or is it simply having good neighbors?

One blogger takes issue with McCarthy’s statements, going so far as to saying that Jenny McCarthy owes her an apology. The conversation in the comments has heated up – I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Photo: duncan arsenault/Flickr

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  1. I do think that some people play the victim, but not everybody. As parents with autistic children it can be hard at times and we need some help. Playing the victim role at times can prevent you from being active as you need to be in fighting for your child because it’s now all about you and not the child. There has to be a balance.

    Jenny also has to understand that some people are sensitive in these situations. Seeing as she has/had the means to successfully recover her child and can readily afford respite etc. This can be a hard pill to swallow for struggling parents!