IMFAR 2012 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The International Society for Autism Research (ISAR) is gearing up for its international autism conference, IMFAR 2012. The conference begins on May 17 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and will conclude on May 19, 2012.

Keynote speakers scheduled to appear at IMFAR 2012 include:

  • Bernie Devlin, Ph.D – Common and Rare Genetic Variants in the Etiology of ASD
  • Alan Evans, Ph.D – Structural Connectivity in Neurodevelopment
  • Ruth Feldman, Ph.D – Bio-behavioral Synchrony and the Development of Social Reciprocity

IMFAR 2012 poster sessions include discussions on core deficits and symptoms, co-morbid conditions, pharmacologic treatments and social skills. The conference will also feature many scientific panels including one hour dedicated to the Implications of DSM-5 Criteria for the Recognition of Autism Spectrum Disorders. The DSM-5 is likely to be a hot topic at this year’s conference.

IMFAR is the autism conference that I most look forward to every year. I don’t attend because it is an extremely science and research-heavy conference but I love to hear about the latest in autism research.

Photo: elPadawan/Flickr

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