Special Pre-order Price for Temple Grandin’s New Book, Different…Not Less

Temple Grandin’s new book, Different…Not Less, isn’t yet available but since you’re a reader of The Autism Education Site you can pre-order a copy using my discount code, MHO, for only $16.96 instead of the book’s $19.95 retail price.

I have my hands on a preview copy of the book and while I’ve not yet finished it I can say that it is definitely one of my favorite autism books to date.

Here’s a little bit about the book:

One of the most important missions Temple Grandin has is making sure people with autism and Asperger’s make something of their lives.  As Temple says quite bluntly, “Being on Social Security is NOT a job choice.”

This book is a compilation of ten success stories from adults with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, who have been diagnosed late in life and who have overcome many social obstacles in order to achieve what they have in life. Handpicked by Temple herself, these individuals’ stories translate into a crusade to show those on the spectrum how it is possible to find fulfillment in life.

Many people on the autism spectrum have great potential in parts of their minds that neurotypicals never even start to tap, which is the reason Temple Grandin believes these stories of survival and, often, hidden genius, need to be shared with the world. 

The point of this groundbreaking work is that these stories can inspire other to achieve their true potential.  The reader will understand why this book, their stories, and the underlying message of this book mean so much to Temple Grandin.

Pre-order now at the Future Horizons website and don’t forget to input discount code MHODifferent…Not Less by Temple Grandin.

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