Keeping All Students Safe Act (S.2020)

Yesterday I received an alert from Wrightslaw about the Keeping All Students Safe Act (S.2020). This was an action alert calling on everyone to contact our Senators asking for their support for the act. Here is an excerpt from the call to action:

Please email your Senators and ask them to cosponsor the Keeping All Students Safe Act (S.2020).

This bill will protect children nationwide from restraint and seclusion in schools.

The need for this legislation is exemplified yet again in a horrific situation in Middletown, CT regarding the use of school seclusion rooms.

The situation described by parents and students in this report is horrific and abusive. Aptly termed “scream rooms” in this media report, such seclusion rooms are exactly what the Federal bill, S. 2020, pending in the Senate seeks to eliminate.

Senator Tom Harkin (Chair, Health Education Labor and Pension Committee) introduced S. 2020 in December. The bill would ban physical restraint except in emergency situations when there is an immediate threat of serious bodily injury.

The bill bans seclusion (confinement) of children in locked rooms or rooms from which they cannot exit. It bans life-threatening restraint that interferes with breathing or the ability to communicate, and mechanical and chemical restraints. It requires schools to notify parents within 24 hours of restraint.

For more information, read the entire Wrightslaw Keeping All Students Safe Act (S.2020) Action Alert.

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