Five Years Ago was Autism Diagnosis Day

Five years ago today my youngest child and only daughter was diagnosed with autism. It is hard to believe that it has already been five years and in that time she has gone through some amazing periods of growth. The picture above was taken yesterday, at her birthday party. For the first time ever she invited classmates to her party and 7 of the 8 she invited showed up; I’d say that was a pretty successful first non-family birthday party.

Her actual birthday isn’t until tomorrow. That’s right, my daughter’s first third birthday gift was an autism diagnosis. It caught us all by surprise but certainly didn’t sour her birthday celebration. We bonded together as a family and I got about the business of finding out what services she could qualify for and what services would be the most beneficial for her. That intense focus on advocating for her is what got me through the first year. It is also what pushed me to launch The Autism Education Site.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me over the years and to my new readers as well. I’m not the biggest autism site out there (by far) but this site has helped me cope with the ups and downs over the years and for that, I have you to thank.

~ Melissa ~

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Melissa is the mother of two children on the autism spectrum and strives to provide information about all aspects of autism through her blog, The Autism Education Site. Follow Melissa on Twitter. Like me on Facebook.

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