Temple Grandin Adds Q&A Section to Her Website

Dr. Temple Grandin is one of the most well recognized names in the world of autism. She is a frequent speaker at Future Horizons autism conferences and has a feature-rich website. Her website just got better, though, with the addition of a new question and answer section.

If you’ve ever wanted to ask Dr. Grandin a question, now is your chance. Although the feature is relatively new, there are already several different questions and answers on the website.

The first question, from Nicholas, touches on the sometimes-controversial topic of biomedical interventions. Nicholas asks Dr. Grandin whether she thinks that autism is reversible with biomedical treatments.

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Grandin’s answer:

“Some biomedical interventions can bring about some significant improvements. Some of the most effective ones would be dairy free, wheat/gluten free and sugar free. These dietary interventions work for some people and for some they do not. Usually about 20% see results.”

Check out the rest of this answer and more, visit Dr. Temple Grandin’s website now.

Photo: jurvetson/Flickr

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