A Blood Drive in Memory of Bowen

I’m straying from my usual autism-themed post to discuss something that is near and dear to my heart – giving blood. Over the years I’ve donated blood several times and after the birth of my son I was the recipient of two pints of blood graciously donated by another. Tomorrow, a blood drive will be held in memory of Bowen, a beautiful infant that touched many in his short life.

I came to know Bowen through his mother, Corrina, a former colleague of mine at Attachment Parenting International (API). Corrina and her family have organized the first annual Team BoHawk Blood Drive, which will be held tomorrow in Indianapolis, IN. Amazingly, all 120 appointments have been filled. However, I wanted to encourage anyone that is able to give blood to visit their local donation center and give blood in memory of Bowen.

For more information, read Julie Artz’s post, Give Blood in Memory of Bowen. Julie is also a former colleague of mine at API and reached out to some of her blogging friends to help spread the word about the importance of giving blood and how you can help honor Bowen’s memory no matter where you are.

For the entire story, please read Corrina’s blog – Bowen Joseph.

Photo: TheKarenD/Flickr

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