Autreat 2011 Dates Announced

I have added Autreat 2011 to my list of autism conferences this year. Thank you to one of my readers for notifying me of the dates for this year’s conference. Autreat 2011 will be held from August 8 – 12, 2011 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Autreat, part of the Autism Network International (ANI), is a different type of autism conference. You won’t find seminars on curing autism at this event.

According to the official Autreat website:

“Autreat is a retreat-style conference run by autistic people, for autistic people and our friends.”

“Autreat focuses on positive living with autism, NOT on causes, cures, or ways to make us more normal.”

Although I share news and information about all aspects of autism here on The Autism Education Site, my views and those of my family fall onto the neurodiversity side of things. Autreat is the one autism conference that I really want to attend. I hope that the event is still being sponsored once my children are older.

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