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The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is the federal legislation that governs special education services in schools, including Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). While IDEA isn’t specific to children with autism, many children with autism are receiving services protected by IDEA. IDEA was last reauthorized in 2004 and it is expected that another reauthorization will be coming in the next year or two. In preparation for this reauthorization, several organizations have joined forces to sponsor the IDEA National Survey.

The following is a description of the survey:

The IDEA National Survey Project is sponsored by the National Center for Learning Disabilities, National Down Syndrome Society, Autism Society of America, Autism National Committee, and The Advocacy Institute. Our purpose is to study whether the playing field is level for children with disabilities and their parents, and whether their rights are protected.

The survey will examine whether parents are treated as equal partners in their children’s education. We ask questions about whether the rights of students with disabilities and their parents protected throughout the special education process, including IEP meetings, decisions about special education, evaluations and eligibility, and Due Process and Impartial Hearings. We also ask about inclusion and whether children with disabilities receive the education they need, or whether they are deprived of important services. We will be using your answers to compile a report about the experiences of parents and children with disabilities and these issues. See the survey Privacy Policy for more information.

All disabilities are welcome! The survey is not limited to the disabilities on which the sponsoring organizations focus. We are studying these issues as they affect all children with disabilities and special needs. We also have surveys for all members of the community.

There are several different surveys available including those for parents, for individuals who have been denied special education surveys, a survey for attorneys and other professionals as well as a self-advocate survey.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey and pass this information on to others.

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