Petition to Add an ICD-9 Code for Wandering Behavior

The following is from the Autism Research Institute (ARI) requesting signature for a petition to add an ICD-9 diagnostic code for wandering behavior, which is a concern for many parents of children with autism.

An ICD-9-CM diagnostic code for wandering is very much needed because too many individuals on the autism spectrum are at-risk for this often dangerous behavior.

Among many things, such a diagnostic code will likely lead to:

  • Greater awareness of wandering behavior by physicians, emergency search-and-rescue teams, other health-care workers, caregivers, and educators
  • The creation and distribution of prevention and advice materials
  • More research on this problem and ways to prevent it.

The National Autism Association has spearheaded a national effort to establish an ICD-9-CM diagnostic code for wandering behavior. Please take a moment to complete the online petition.

Click Here to sign the petition to help keep our loved ones safe from wandering-related injuries and death

Steve Edelson, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Autism Research Institute

Photo: huntz/Flickr

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