6th Annual US Autism & Asperger Association World Conference in Seattle

The U.S. Autism & Asperger Association’s 6th Annual World Conference is scheduled for October 27-30, 2011 in Seattle, Washington. While details are still being ironed out for the big conference, the USAAA recently sent out a press release announcing the conference.

For your information, I’m including a copy of the press release here. As more details become available, I will be sure to post updates. In the interim, please take a minute to browse through my list of Autism Conferences in 2011 to see if there is a conference coming to your area. I highly recommend that all parents, professionals, and others that work with children with autism take the time to attend a conference – the knowledge you will gain is amazing. If you know of a conference that I don’t have on my list, please drop me a note so I can get it added. Thanks!

US Autism & Asperger Association, Inc. (USAAA), www.usautism.org, holds its 6h annual World Conference in Seattle, Washington October 27-30. Some of the world’s most renowned autism experts will present new interventions and new research in both education and medicine. USAAA is collaborating with Autism Society of Washington (ASW), www.autismsocietyofwa.org, to host the upcoming conference. Other local autism organizations and state agencies will be supporting the conference.

“USAAA is very excited to be aligned with Autism Society of Washington, a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of all affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders in Washington State,” said Lawrence P. Kaplan, PhD, CEO of USAAA. “The main focus of our conference is ‘Autism Education and Treatment: A Path to Wellness’ and bringing families together through support, hope, possibilities and solutions.”

Connie Allison, State Administrative Director of ASW added, “We are thrilled to be a part of the USAAA World Conference which brings cutting edge information from leaders in medical/biomedical and behavioral/developmental treatments and interventions of autism to our community.”

USAAA’s unprecedented conference format, which was introduced at last year’s conference, will continue at this year’s 6th annual conference. “This format, called a ‘conference of panels’, features keynote presentations which segue into the themed panel workshops,” said Dr. Kaplan. “This structure differs from the customary conference format of strictly individual presentations and concurrent sessions. As a result, attendees can focus on the area being presented rather than being overwhelmed by the choices of many simultaneous lectures.”

The conference will feature workshop panels that include Medical/Biomedical Cutting Edge Interventions and Treatments; Continuums of Functioning and Transitioning Forward; Self Advocacy – Experiences, Perspectives, and Challenges; Behavioral/Developmental Approaches; Support Services; Post Secondary Education; Siblings of individuals on the autism spectrum; Adjunct Therapies; Nutrition, plus more.

In addition to the presentations and workshop panels, there will be an expo featuring many national and local exhibitors showcasing their many products and services, including new therapies, which in many cases have dramatically improved the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

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  1. Shae Rothwell says:

    Would like to attend and Im not finding how to sign up. Can you tell me how to sign up for the conference and the price?

    Thank you
    Shae Rothwell

    • Hi Shae, It doesn’t appear that conference registration is open yet. I would check back in a few months to see if more details have been posted.


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