Autism Insurance Coverage in Jeopardy in Arizona

The following Legislative Action Alert focuses on Arizona SB 1593 – which is putting autism insurance coverage in jeopardy in the state. If you know of anyone in Arizona that this legislation would affect, please notify them of this post so that they can contact their legislators!

Dear Autism Community,

SB 1593 is designed to allow corporations to purchase health insurance over state lines – this allows insurers to avoid meeting the minimum standards for health insurance set by the state of Arizona.  In particular, it means that insurers would no longer be required to provide autism treatments as part of their health coverage.  Currently, over 200 autism families in Arizona are receiving ABA services through their insurance plans, but those services will likely disappear if this bill passes.

SB 1593 has just passed the Arizona Senate, and is now moving towards a vote in the Arizona House of Representatives.    

We recommend that you ask your legislators to oppose this bill unless it is modified to require insurers to meet the minimum standards set by the state of Arizona, including the provision of autism treatments. 
To find out who your legislators are, go to and on the right side of the screen is a link to “Find my Legislator”. You can enter your address and it will find your legislative district and legislators.   There are three in each district, two representatives and one senator. 
It is critical that you reach out to your legislators and let them know your thoughts. Please be extremely respectful and let them know you are a constituent.   One contact by their constituent often makes a difference!   

James B. Adams, Ph.D.
President, Autism Society of Greater Phoenix

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