The Temple Grandin School to Open in Lafayette, Colorado

A new school for adolescents and teens with Asperger’s Syndrome will open this fall in Lafayette, Colorado. The new school will be named after Colorado State University professor and vocal autism advocate Temple Grandin. The Temple Grandin School will provide a comprehensive education to students in grades 6-12.

The following quote comes from the Temple Grandin School website:

“The Temple Grandin School is an innovative approach to integrating social communication support and challenging academic opportunities for individual learners. Adolescence brings with it many challenges for all youth. Teens with Asperger’s or other social communication challenges may well feel lost in a sea of unwritten rules, adrift and alone in trying to course the roiling waters of social communication. Indeed, these youth may feel like strangers in their own language with ambiguous expectations that seem so obvious to their peers, but often baffling or inconsequential to them. While many of these same adolescents may have extraordinary abilities in other areas, learning social communication skills is vital to the full expression of their knowledge and skills in clearing the path to reaching their potential. 

The University of Colorado’s Speech, Language, Hearing Center is excited to begin a collaboration with the fine teachers, parents, administrators, and students of the Temple Grandin School in order to help bridge the social communication gap between these students and their advancement into young adulthood in our society. Our community is fortunate to have this much-needed resource developing at this time.”

For more information about the program, call 303-554-7363.

Photo: jurvetson/Flickr

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  1. maria t. robustelli says:

    my grandson is going to be 26yrs old and has come along way but he still needs help. he has been digasnosed as some asperbers.
    we have done everything we could but he is a problem as he is a loner and does not have a friend, what more can we do? you ask him what he likes and he no idea. he is over weight and his social skills are bad, he does not have any skills and is not into sports. just on the computer. he is not a dummy. thank you for whatever advise you can give us. we would like to see him happy soon

  2. The first comment describes me somewhat but as kid i didnt have pc, it didnt exist yet in the 50s now nearing 60 i have the same problems as that one in article before. my relationships are what has been unanswered issue and problem since in m child hood Aspurgers was still not really known.