J-Mac – Where is He Now?

Jason McElwain, also known as J-Mac, was the manager of his high school basketball team a few years ago. During Senior Night, Coach Jim Johnson put him in and what followed was amazing – J-Mac starting sinking three-point shots. During the final four minutes of the game he scored an amazing 20 points!

Here’s a video of his prowess on the court:

It has now been five years and WFMY News 2 has an interview with Jason online. Guess what he’s up to now? Coaching. That’s right, Coach J-Mac is an assistant coach for his school’s junior varsity basketball team.

I have seen this video dozens of times but I still get tears in my eyes when I watch it – it is definitely one of the greatest sports stories of all time. J-Mac is an inspiration!

Check out the interview: High School Basketball Sensation J-Mac, Five Years Later

Photo: mvongrue/Flickr

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