Dr. Oz on Autism Causes and Autism Speaks

In this video clip, Dr. Oz tells us what he really thinks about Autism Speaks, a highly controversial autism support and awareness organization.

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  1. You can’t seriously be promoting Dr Oz as a person who is going to speak honestly about autism. I watched the show. It was pro-vaccine and anti those who question vaccine safety. Why? Because he’s a large stockholder in vaccine maker Siga Technologies, and sits on their board of directors.

    • Nope not promoting him – don’t care for the guy myself. I do, however, post all kinds of autism-related news here. Whether it is anti-vaccine cure news or a pro-neurodiversity conference like Autreat.

  2. Did you read the Genome Project statement that said their study subjects ” had genetic mutations that did not originate with their parents” ? Makes you wonder what happens between birth and 3 years that caused mutations. Here’s a hint. Search mercury and aluminum and spontaneous genetic mutation.

    • I haven’t seen that but now I’m off to find it, thanks for mentioning it. I know that a lot of attention is given to mercury but aluminum is nasty, as well – but it doesn’t seem to get as much attention as mercury. IIRC there are concerns about aluminum in deodorants and a possible link to Alzheimer’s. After reading that a few years ago I switched to non-aluminum containing deodorant and have tried to reduce my exposure in other areas as well. Thanks again for coming back to post and drawing my attention to the Genome Project statement!

  3. ross coe says:

    In our local paper, The Winnipeg Free Press, a Genome story was printed, but did not include that statement. I sent a letter to the editor which was published. I feel that statement is huge, but its been swept under the carpet as usual. Can you imagine omitting it? The G P was to be the be all/ end all to the genetic theory. It showed however that there appears to be something happening between birth and age 3 or so that doesn’t come from the parents. It reminds me of an SV40 story, where a California toddler dies of brain cancer, an SV40 calling card. The parents were checked, and did not have it. The child did. Its in the polio vaccine and is a stealth monkey virus like HIV. Don’t get me started on how HIV was introduced. Maybe you can guess.

  4. Michelle says:

    I’m hearing that proximity to highways when children birth places are mapped is leading to worries about unleaded gas – ie, what replaced the lead – and is it worse than the lead? Apparently rise in autism coincides with rise in unleaded fuels – or has this been debunked?