“All Ages & Abilities” Autism/Asperger’s Conference in Irvine, CA

The 5th Annual “All Ages & Abilities” Autism and Asperger’s Conference, sponsored by the Autism Conferences of America, will be held February 4-5, 2011 in Irvine, California. Details about the conference follow:

Conference Venue: University of California, Student Union Center Bldg. #113 Student Center

Speakers Include: Dennis Debbaudt, Michelle Garcia Winner, M.A., CCC-SLP and more

Conference Topics:

Safety/Teen/Adult Track

  • Autism, Bullying & Victimization
  • Autism And Driving: Making The Decision
  • Self Advocacy-How To Avoid The Abyss Of Transition
  • Emotions Of Autism

Speech/Social Track

  • Accessing The Potenial Of Limited And Non-Verbal Communicationrs
  • Learning Social Skills And Making Friends Through Interactive Play!
  • Social Skills Solutions

Education Track

  • Jane’s Day, Asperger’s Syndrome From The Inside
  • How We Are Different
  • Implementing Visual Supports
  • Inclusion In School And Community

Medical Track

  • Overview:Bio-Medical Diagnostics & Treatments for Autism
  • Healing Autism
  • Other Advanced Treatments

Teen/Adult Track

  • Executive Functioning Interventions For Your Autism/Asperger’s Student
  • Social Communication In The Workplace
  • Panel Of Teens And Adults With Autism/Asperger’s – Hear From The Real Experts

Contact Phone Number: (562) 804-5516 / (480) 831 – 2047(live)
Email Address: autismconferences@gmail.com

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