New ABA Center Opens in Carmel, Indiana

The following press release may be of interest to readers in Indiana.

New Hope for Children With Autism in Indianapolis

Bierman ABA is proud to announce the opening of its new clinic for providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to children with autism. After three years setting up home programs for children with autism, Bierman ABA has expanded to a clinic in Carmel, IN. The new location will serve families in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

The new clinic has individual therapy rooms, a play area and a lunch room that can accommodate up to 20 children.

Autism affects 1 out of 110 children and is on the rise. According to the Surgeon General, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the most effective research based treatment for autism. ABA therapy aims to increase social and communication skills and reduce unwanted behavior.

Many insurance companies cover ABA therapy and the clinic has added a billing department to handle claims and coverage.

For more information, contact the center at (317) 660-1301.

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