A List of Autism Books on My Reading List

If you’re like me, you have a ton of books on your reading list at any given time. The books on my list range from the latest fantasy fiction novel to autism books and biographies to political nonfiction. I love to read. Unfortunately I don’t always have a lot of time for reading. To help hold myself accountable I thought I’d share with you a list of autism books (or autism-related books) on my reading list. As I complete each of these books I will be writing a review for publication here on The Autism Education Site. Please note the links below will open in a new window.

Would you like to share what autism books are on your reading list?

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Melissa is the mother of two children on the autism spectrum and strives to provide information about all aspects of autism through her blog, The Autism Education Site. Follow Melissa on Twitter. Like me on Facebook.

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  1. Hello Melissa,
    I was wondering if you would like to review my book, Raising Brandon? I have a thirty-seven year old son who has autism, intractable epilepsy, and severe learning disorders. The professionals who worked with Brandon told us he would never be able to live alone. They were wrong. Brandon has been living on his own for the past thirteen years, enjoying his independence. My book is filled, with tips, solutions, answers and practical strategies, but most of all HOPE. I am on twitter @autismmomexpert.
    Thank you,
    Amalia Starr


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