Autism Links – November 5, 2010

Here are a few recent stories to get you caught up with the latest in autism news before you head into your weekend.

Autistic student bitten by substitute teacher

Council builds ‘cage’ for autistic schoolboy

“The family of the 18-year-old raised £500 to cover the costs of the outdoor facility, which they hoped would include decking and play equipment. But Western Isles Council in Scotland instead erected a narrow compound just a few feet wide from wire mesh fencing. An autism charity branded the cage “a disgrace and 100 per cent cruel”.”

The school officials apologized and blamed a communications error for the construction of the cage-like enclosure.

Starting Autism Treatment Early

“Can early treatment for autism prevent later problems? A form of autism therapy has been shown in randomized trials to significantly improve I.Q., language and social skills in toddlers with autism, and researchers say it has even greater potential if it can be started earlier, reports today’s Science Times.”

Grandin gives autism insight

“At sell-out national autism conferences this year, the star has been Temple Grandin, an author and animal scientist. A recent HBO-movie about her life was an Emmy-award winner, and she landed on TIME magazine’s list of this year’s most influential people. Here’s how Grandin and others are pushing the dark mystery of autism into the spotlight to get early help for children:”

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