Updated: Autism Schools in Arizona

I have updated the Autism Schools in Arizona page. New additions include the Temple Grandin School at The Children’s Center for Neurodevelopmental Studies in Glendale, Arizona, the Hi-Star Center for Children in Phoenix and the Howard S. Gray School in Scottsdale.

The Temple Grandin School is located on the campus of The Children’s Center for Neurodevelopmental Studies in Glendale, Arizona. The school serves students from preschool through high school with autism and other special education needs. Students at the school focus on obtaining functional life skills and pre-vocational skills training including independent living skills and community survival skills. For more information about the Temple Grandin School, call (623) 915-0345.

Hi-Star Center for Children was founded in 1990. Although the school started with two classrooms and 15 students, as of 2004 the school had expanded to more than 80 students and 25 staff members. The school is designed to meet the educational needs of students with autism as well as those in other special education categories including speech-language impaired (SLI), emotional disability private (EDP) and severe learning disabilities (SLD). For more information, call the school at (602) 548-3038.

The Howard S. Gray School is located on the campus of Banner Behavioral Health Hospital in Scottsdale. The school is a private school with accreditation from the North Central Association and approval from the Arizona Department of Education. With a one to six teacher to student ratio, the school is equipped to provide personalized instruction for students with emotional or learning challenges including those with autism and Asperger’s syndrome. For more information, contact the school directly at (480) 941-7615.

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