Ari Ne’eman on Autistic Pride

Ari Ne’eman has been discussed quite a bit in the news lately because he’s the first openly autistic White House appointee in history. Ari is the brainchild behind the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) and frequently speaks out about Autistic Pride.

In this Good Morning America video from 2008, Ne’eman discusses Autistic Pride.

In a recent interview for, Ne’eman discusses neurodiversity – a topic that is of extreme importance to many autistic individuals (as opposed to individuals with autism). While many Americans may be aware of autism, neurodiversity is often a foreign term.

Here is an excerpt from the interview with Ari Ne’eman:

“We need to stop making autism advocacy about trying to create a world where there aren’t any autistic people, and start building one in which autistic people have the rights and support they deserve. That’s the goal of groups like ASAN, Autism Network International, and of the neurodiversity movement as a whole.”

Note: Here on The Autism Education Site I try to bring information about all things autism to my readers – from vaccine injury to autism acceptance and everything in between.

Prior to reading this had you heard the term neurodiversity? What are your thoughts about autistic pride?

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