Survey: Personality Traits and Their Influence on Therapist Burnout and Job Satisfaction

I’m posting information about a new survey. I’m not affiliated with the survey in any way, shape, and form but it might be of interest to those of you reading. Please feel free to pass a link on to the post to therapists you work with as well.


Friends and family,

My name is Amy Hurt and I’m working on a Master’s degree at WCU. Please consider participating in a research study focused on our personality traits and burnout, ultimately affecting our quality of assistance with our participants/clients. It is located online at and is described, in detail, about its purpose and FREE PERSONALITY FEEDBACK based on individual scores of Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Optimism. I have been working with individuals on the spectrum for close to 3 years now and have had many wonderful opportunities to see individuals grow. However, I understand that our quality of assistance is an extremely important aid in the success and attainment of individuals’ goals and hope to reveal any factors that may influence these functions.

Again, participation is and will be greatly appreciated by any and all types of “therapists” (CSIs, OT, speech, music, ABA therapists, etc.) who are currently working with an individual on the spectrum, so please feel free to forward this to information to others! Please consider participating at:

Thank you in advance! Please feel free to email ( or call me (803-221-3033) for questions/additional information or to request research results at conclusion of study.

Research participation and advertisement is not endorsed by any parties other than Amy Hurt, M.A. candidate of Western Carolina University. All other parties act solely as a means of accessing potential participants.

Amy A. Hurt
M.A. Clinical Psychology Candidate
Western Carolina University

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