Autism and Genes in the LA Times

I came across an article about the genetic aspect of autism in one of my environmental news feeds and thought that it may be of interest to some of you. Please note that I am not saying that autism is only caused by a genetic issue or that I am taking any position on the topic of autism and genes but I do find it interesting and I’m sure I’m not alone. :)

Here is an excerpt:

Though the causes of autism are unclear, and many researchers believe that environmental factors play some kind of role, they are sure of one thing: Genes are strongly involved.

Scientists once harbored hopes that autism might be linked to a handful of genetic mutations that would clearly explain why someone develops it. But the genetic roots of autism (known these days as autism spectrum disorders because behaviors and severity differ widely) are proving much trickier to untangle than anticipated.

Read the article: Genes’ role in autism a complicated connection

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