Vote to Provide Autism Therapy to Military Families

“ACT Today! for Military Families” will provide $5,000 grants to military children with autism for therapy and other family supports. These vital treatments and support services will help military children with autism achieve their highest potential.

Autism impacts 1 out of every 88 military children, With treatment, children can make significant gains. Only 7% of military children with autism are receiving some level of ABA therapy under the military health care system, TRICARE.

ACT Today!, which accepts grant applications year-long from families seeking assistance, was alarmed to see that many of the requesting families were military service members. Believing that our country has an obligation to support and care for military families who protect and serve our nation, ACT Today! is committed to make a difference. ACT Today! hopes, with your help, to give $850,000 in grant money to these families.

Military families sacrifice so much. It is time we gave back.

How will the 250K be Used?
$5,000 grants for more than 50,000 families


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