Summer Autism Conference in San Diego

Jay Nolan Community Services (JNCS) is one of three organizations collaborating with the University of San Diego to sponsor its fifth annual Summer Autism Conference. This international training event focuses on non-traditional and state-of-the-art viewpoints on living with autism that have both challenged the conventional wisdom about the disorder, and inspired a rethinking of autism – from infancy to adulthood. The three-day conference at USD’s Autism Institute will run June 28-30, 2010, and is co-sponsored as well by the San Diego Unified School District and California Supportive Living Network.

“Beyond Behaviors: Reframing Our Perceptions” offers a unique opportunity to gain new understandings of movement, health/mental health, communication and the role of relationships in developing personalized support and instructional strategies across the lifespan on an individual. It is a must for parents, educators/special educators, professional caregivers, social workers, physicians/nurses, therapists/clinicians, school district administrators, persons with disabilities and self-advocates.

“Our main goal is to provide information and inspiration,” says Jeffrey Strully, executive director of Jay Nolan Community Services. “This conference is designed for the very people who support individuals with autism every day or who are living with autism. World-class presenters with cutting edge information are coming to San Diego not only to share new perspectives, but to inspire much-needed hope in families and professionals who are helping people with autism to truly succeed.”

The Summer Autism Conference’s comprehensive curriculum, diverse range of speakers and no-holds-barred interactive discussions embrace everything that could conceivably impact the life of an individual diagnosed with autism. Presenters include Martha Leary, an expert on communication, relationships and movement, and Drs. Ruth and Steven Myers, who specialize in behavioral sciences. A myriad of important non-academic voices also will be heard, including self-advocates such as Sue Rubin and other individuals with autism who are authors of award-winning blogs.

For more information or to register for USD’s Summer Autism Conference call: 619-260-4585. You also may register by fax: 619-849-8224 (download form at: The cost for the three-day conference is $245. For two graduate-level extension credits, the total conference cost is $375. For more information about JNCS or additional information about the conference, please contact Camille Skipper Watkins at (818) 361-6400, ext 140, or

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