Scott Center for Autism – Free Parent Workshop

The Scott Center for Autism, part of the Florida Institute of Technology’s College of Psychology and Liberal Arts, will be hosting a free parent workshop on June 23 at 6:00 pm. This month’s workshop will cover current research at the Scott Center including:

  • “Computer Instruction as a Supplementary Tool in Intensive Behavioral Intervention Programs” – Genevieve Coxon
  • “An Evaluation of Measurement Procedures Employed by Specialists” – Ashley Lugo
  • “Teaching a Child Diagnosed with Autism Syndrome Disorder to Play Multiple Songs on a Piano” – Alexander Lorenzo
  • “Effects of Multiple Treatments on Pica Behavior” – Tabitha Bond
  • “Effects of Choice of Preferred Activity on Social Behavior” – Tara Loughrey
  • “Food Selectivity” – Janelle Allison
  • “Food Refusal” – Jessica Sparling

The seminar is scheduled to run until 8:00 pm and will be held in the Seminar Room at the Scott Center for Autism Treatment. The Seminar Room is located on the second floor of the Scott Center for Autism Treatment in the south side of the Florida Tech campus. Parking is available around the building.

For more information, call the Scott Center for Autism at (321) 674-8106 Option 1.

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