Could a Urine Test Make Autism a Preventable Condition?

I just read an article that summarizes autism research being conducted at the Imperial College London. Basically, the researchers have stated that a urine test could make autism a preventable condition. This is going to open up a huge can of worms – from parents trying to cure their children of autism and prevent autism in future children to those that embrace neurodiversity and are of the mindset that autism is genetic and thus not entirely preventable.

Without putting my personal opinion into the topic I wanted to share excerpts from the article with you.

Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a particular makeup of gut microbes and the researchers have found that this can be detected with a simple urine test. That would mean that intensive behavioural and social treatment could begin before the disease has caused any permanent psychological damage.

The latest breakthrough shows that it is possible to distinguish between autistic and non-autistic children by looking at the by-products of gut bacteria and the body’s digestive processes in the children’s urine.

For many parents, there is a strong correlation between the gut and autism-related symptoms including behavior, learning abilities, and more.

What are your thoughts on the topic? If you could prevent autism in your child by having them take a urine test at 6 months and then beginning intense behavioral and educational therapy, would you do it? Do you think autism is preventable or curable?

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