Autreat 2010 – Living Life the Autly Way – Autism Conference

The Autism Society of America Conference isn’t the only autism conference taking place this summer. Autistics and proponents of neurodiversity from around the country will be gathering in Bradford, Pennsylvania to attend Autreat 2010. The theme for this year’s event is Living Life the Autly Way and it runs from June 28 through July 2.

As with any autism conference, a variety of speakers will discuss a menagerie of topics. One of my favorite workshops is scheduled for the closing day of the conference – the “Ask an NT” Panel. Traditional autism conferences typically have a panel of individuals with autism. Since Autreat is a different kind of autism conference, they have an Ask an NT panel, in this case, NT = neurotypical.

Other topics that are on the agenda include:

  • The Ethical, Scientific, and Societal Implications of Grading Autistic People with Amanda Baggs, Drew Morton Goldsmith and Morton Ann Gernsbacher
  • Countering Bullying and Cyberbullying: Strategies, Approaches, and Recommendations from the Autistic Community and Allies and Supporters with Scott Michael Robertson
  • Pseudoscientific Medicine: What It Is and How it Harms Autistics with Alexander Cheezem
  • How They Hate Us: Common Forms of Prejudice Against Autistics with Ari Ne’eman

For more information, visit the Autreat 2010 website.

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